Kitchen Renovation: Yay or Nay?

Kitchen Renovation: Yay or Nay?


Kitchen remodeling is arguably one of the most expensive home improvement projects. Having the cooking spot of your dreams could easily eat up (pun intended) your entire budget. However, this is not something you should shy away from just because it’s challenging. Specially with this simple guide we created that will help you find out if your kitchen is up for a serious remodeling .. and if you are too!

Useful kitchen, old floors

If only one or two considerably small elements in your kitchen need to be remodeled, you don’t need to change your entire kitchen just because the floor is falling apart. If the rest of the cooking spot looks decent, there is no need to remodel the whole thing. Weigh on your expenses to see if you can afford a new floor and compare your budget if you had to do a major remodel. As you may notice, the difference is quite big. However, if you do plan on remodeling the other areas of your kitchen, then you’re better off doing everything at the same time.

Functional but boring

A dull-looking kitchen is not a reason to remodel it. Check for ideas online on Google images, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr and find some new ways to turn your functional kitchen into a feast for the eyes. A small vertical garden placed on a wall that lacks decoration could bring in more ozone and naturally decorate the room than a big painting or giant decorative object.


Turn the room into a cozy stylish and modern space where you can eat, wine, dine and relax with a modern table that is a virtual statement piece.


Don’t be afraid to mix materials like wood and glass. You can also frame beautiful photos and place them on the wall in a geometrical way.

Outdated looking kitchen

If your cooking space looks like a piece straight out of a museum, start thinking about a remodel. Usually, the easiest way to detect this is the design of the cupboards and the counter tops. If you can afford it, go ahead and look up modern designs to upgrade your kitchen. It’s time to take that space to the next level! You can always begin by replacing the cupboards and adding a beautiful new set of curtains instead of destroying the walls, floors and adding new-everything! Start small if you don’t have the time and money.

Stylish but not functional

A bigger family, more utensils and more complex needs call for a kitchen makeover. A more effective and functional kitchen will help you save time and make you want to actually spend time there with the whole family. If you roll your eyes every time you need to cook because you can barely use the cupboards, or there is simply not enough space, consider expanding the area, or adding more functional furniture. Evaluate the size of the table to see if it’s taking up too much space, and replace it.

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