How To Turn a Concrete Patio Into a Green Backyard

How To Turn a Concrete Patio Into a Green Backyard


Houses that were built around the 70’s usually have concrete patios. The hassle of these is that with time concrete tends to crack and fall apart. And it looks uninviting, truly! If you have a house concrete patio you should definitely consider replacing it with a green backyard instead.

But before getting started, make sure you’re ready for these likely-to-happen scenarios. Don’t worry about it, we’ve prepared every question you should be asking yourself and your contractor before starting.

Contractors or DIY?

The easy answer is, if you have an expertise level of knowledge on landscaping and outdoor home improvement, you can certainly give it a shot. But if your DIY skills are mostly limited to small, indoor projects, choose a contractor. Even if you can afford a project of this kind, make sure you know exactly what you want to be placed in the spot that’s currently covered with concrete.


What are the risks?

The main risk to consider is that your contractor could be unskilled and you wound up with a mess in your patio. To avoid this, plan ahead and lay down your main idea on paper. A contractor’s commitment to materialize your vision will depend solely on your ability to communicate it thoroughly and in detail.


Like most home improvement projects, tearing apart a concrete patio takes a considerable amount of time, money and patience. For this reason, it’s important you warn the neighbors in advance about any potential construction noise. Also, it’s highly recommended you aren’t around until the job is finished. Time frames will always depend on the level of the makeover. If you’re looking at a small portion of your patio being changed, then the job will take less time.


Getting started

If you happen to be around when the project is ongoing, you should know this a heavy duty project, so it will be best to carry it out during dry season, in order to avoid inconveniences caused by heat. Just the tearing apart of the land alone will cost you an estimated $1000 dollars. This is just a friendly reminder that once the construction has begun, you should already have a clear idea as to what you want your backyard to look like afterward. Vertical gardens and small ponds are a beautiful way to decorate the area, but if you have children, know that you need to protect the areas that could be destroyed by playful accidents.


Clean up

After the blocks of cement have been removed, haul the pieces or recycle them into a wall you could use as a stylish accessory for your new garden. This is also a very important part of the project you should think carefully about before laying down the heavy duty gear.

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