How To Make Your Own Organic Garden

How To Make Your Own Organic Garden


Choosing to go from purchasing your veggies to growing them by the window or in your own garden is a creative and extremely eco-friendly project. But it is scary to jump into such a challenging project. Well, it was scary until now! Check out and see how to easily grow your very own deliciously organic garden.

Find the right place

When it comes to greens, like with any other plant, location is key. Keep in mind the greens need space to develop, but not too much space that they end up taking too much in the house. If you’re aiming for small greens, a pot for plants is a good option to start. Another important thing to consider is the roots. Depth is a very important part of the plant’s development. The deeper the pot, the better it works for the plant’s growth. Choose a well lit area as the sunlight will help them grow.

Decide what you’re planting

The space and location of your greens will determine what you’ll grow. A suggestion for beginners is to start with small greens, such as tomatoes, lettuce or an kind of ingredient thrown into your salad. Set up a 4 by 4 garden bed where you can fit as many seeds as possible.


Know when to grow your greens

All your best efforts in getting a fresh crop of greens can easily go down the toilet if you choose to plant them in the wrong season. Greens experts suggest starting in the late summer or early spring. This way, by the time the winter arrives, you’ll have the freshest salad you’ve ever had in your life.

Prepare the soil

Make sure you have the right kind of soil for the produce you’re planting. A fresh, healthy crop is the result of a well cared for, fertilized soil. Your produce will grow strong and productive so long as you fill the soil with lots of nutrients. You can always purchase bags of soil at a garden shop and choose the ones that are already tweaked to be nutritious and rich.


Water it regularly

Make sure to water your green garden as often as the plants need it. Moisture helps your greens grow strong. The best time to water your garden is in the morning, since the temperature is cooler at that time and plants won’t be affected by fungal or bacterial diseases. If possible, water the roots rather than the surface. Experts recommend keeping the watering level at one inch per week –rain included.


Diversify and protect your crop

A diverse green garden helps keep bugs and all sorts of hazards away from it. Make your garden as diverse as possible and enjoy picking up your veggies next season. An organic garden requires dedication, but the results will make it worth your efforts. After all, who doesn’t want to live the green life?




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