How to Furnish a Small Bedroom to Make It Look Bigger

How to Furnish a Small Bedroom to Make It Look Bigger


From the lighting to the way furniture is organized down to the color of the walls, there are many reasons why a room looks smaller than it actually is. The good news is, you don’t need hundreds of dollars to turn your room into an open space. You just need time and creativity. Let us show you how to make that small bedroom look so big, you’ll think you switched houses.

Use statement furniture

A common mistake new home owners make is that they put a lot of small items together in the same room. Try fitting just a few fairly large items intentionally instead, set in a way that makes the room look significantly more spacious. Like in the case of the room below, you can see how the room is virtually empty, painted in a light pastel mint green, and the statement piece is firstly, the chairs surrounding the minimalist table. Secondly, the mirror and its monochromatic yet stylish shape, and thirdly, the geometrically placed art on the wall.


Pull furniture away from the wall

Furniture placed against the wall gives the illusion of a crowded space. All you need to do is pull your furniture just a few inches away from the wall and before you know it, you’ll be facing a room with a lot more space.

Strategically placed mirrors

Mirrors are the ultimate optical illusion schemes, and when it comes to indoor decoration they become a great ally in trying to make a small room look bigger. It’s a combination of the power of observation and a keen eye for detail. Once you figure out where to place your mirrors, you’ll notice the difference in the room.


Use furniture with exposed legs

This might seem like a small detail. The truth is that any kind of furniture with a skirt or boxy-looking parts, gives the impression of a stuck place, with no space at all. Whereas furniture with exposed legs –like a couch- helps create an open, free ambiance

Purchase Lucite items

Items made of glass are perfect to create the illusion of a bigger living space. They are also in style and not too expensive to set up. If you’ve been used to wood or metal-based furniture for a long time, a glass will give you a refreshing, light feeling. Try it and see how your room starts to look a lot larger.


Use rugs and create more rooms within the room

Rugs are to the floor what mirrors are for walls. For a few statement rugs in a small room can actually give the impression that a lot more items can fit into it. This is a hack most owners of studio apartments have come to master. A rug is not just the perfect floor separator. It also adds style to the room and helps create the feeling of warmth and sophistication at the same time.

Use color to create unity

A very natural and simple way to make a small room look spacious is to organize your items based on a theme of a certain kind. A color is very useful because it creates visual harmony, and as a result, the impression of more room even in a small space.

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