6 Incredibly Easy Desk Projects Anyone Can Do!

6 Incredibly Easy Desk Projects Anyone Can Do!


One of the delights of working from home is that you can customize your productive space, and you can save a lot of money while doing it! Designing and building a home office that will inspire you to work at home can be challenging for most folks, but being crafty and resourceful will go a long way here, specially with this incredible guide we created. Let’s get hands-on work rather than purchasing more furniture, and find some great ideas to make a desk that meets your working needs!

Build a new desk from scratch

All you need is some plywood –the measurements depend on the available space at your house- 4 sawhorse legs and a generous dose of creativity. Take the plywood to a hardware store and have it trimmed and sanded. You can put several coats of the paint of your choice, and add the sawhorse legs for support.



Make your own music home studio desk

To build this you can easily upcycle an old table and add 4 aluminum legs stuck to a wooden board on top of the main desk. If you want a more modern take, then you can always buy a plank of glass and then put on top of old recycle table legs, or another block on wood that stands in the middle. Old thick logs get cut down, and treated with a coat to prevent humidity from rotting the wood, and placed in the middle of the table to act as its legs. It’s modern and it looks incredible with a glass table on top.



A desk from cabinets, boxes and plywood

Probably one of the easiest DIY desk projects to get you started, if you’re just getting familiar to the DIY universe, a long plywood board supported by several cabinets and boxes makes the perfect simple solution to a custom-made desk. The key to go from plain wood board and file cabinets to an actual desk is in the paint job. The more finishes you add to your desktop, the more creative and stylish it will look.



Wall-mounted desk

A great choice for creative people, the wall mounted desk is an artist’s answer to the traditional 4 legged table. All you need is a wooden board and some very resistant hinges or cable to hold the desk. The only perk to this kind of furniture is that you have to make sure the weight proportions are accurate, so as to create a safe, firm and solid desk.



Upcycle your shelf into a desk

A small room should not be a deterrent when trying to fit in a desk. In fact, that old shelf you have could be upcycled into a shelf-based desk. Simply dismember the shelf and slide a longer board of the same kind of wood on the middle shelf, and BAM! Meet your new shelf supported desk.



Minimalist floating desk

Similar to the wall mounted desk, the minimalist flowing variation has a few aesthetic additions to the former, as you can use two boards instead of one, and make the desk also serve as a horizontal shelf. In any event, you’ll still enjoy the fruit of a job well done every time you get to work.


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