5 Ways of Making Your House Greener

5 Ways of Making Your House Greener


Are you using too much water when you shower, or maybe have a lot of unsorted waste in your backyard? Imagine a few hundred thousand more with your same lifestyle. No wonder the planet is suffering the consequences through global warming. But you can help minimize this Eco-crisis by changing a few habits and adding new ones. I promise, it’s so simple you won’t believe it is actually this easy!


One of the easiest ways to make your house greener is by sorting your waste in three different piles: paper, plastic and glass, and take it all to the closest recycling facility near you. Yes, it’s a hassle at first if you’re not in the habit of being organized. But recycling is one of the most effective ways to keep your house clean and taking care of the environment.


Use low consumption bulbs

Pollution is not the only thing that is consistently wearing down our planet -careless consumption of our resources is also a huge part of the problem. Low consumption batteries might seem a cheap move on a first glance, but they last longer and happen to be a lot more cost-effective than regular bulbs.


Downsize your plastic water bottles to one stainless steel bottle

Plastic is both one of the main components of everything we have and the least Eco-friendly element of all. Its chemicals are hazardous from human living, yet we keep buying bottles upon bottles for different activities. It’s time for a change. Show the environment some love and start to slowly downsize your consumption of plastic bottles. Use stainless steel bottles instead. Even if you’re a very active person, all the more reason to purchase a canteen instead of constantly wasting money on plastic bottles.


Use rechargeable batteries if you’re not willing to recycle normal ones

An Eco-friendly house still has many appliances that run on batteries. If you’re still getting the hang of the green living, we suggest you try purchasing rechargeable batteries, instead of constantly replacing used normal ones. Batteries need a special bin for their disposal. So aside from using rechargeable ones remember to keep them in a place far from food or water.


Downsize your use of plastic bags

In order to create green awareness against the use of plastic bags, different companies around the world have started to sell Eco-friendly bio-degradable grocery bags to their consumers.  However, you can also choose to save paper bags for future groceries, so you get used to using the same each time you shop. The less you use, the more your children will appreciate it in the future.


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