5 TIPS to Set Up the Ultimate Home Office

5 TIPS to Set Up the Ultimate Home Office


Working within the 4 walls of your bedroom can become quite the challenge, especially if you run a business or have to share your space with the family. A new project calls for a home office. However, before heading over to the closest IKEA to customize your work station, there are a few items you need to check off your list. Read on and get started!

Is there enough space?

A home office will take up space for small yet important furniture and appliances, such as a desk, printer, fax and or boxes and drawers. Think long and hard before you set all of these things up, as they must be placed in a space that will fit your needs. The ideal home office is not too crowded.


Can I afford the changes?

Budget is a definite deal breaker. The home office of your dreams could be a few hundred dollars away, but you need to make sure you can actually afford to set up a special work place at home, first. Break down each and every expense you’ll be faced with the addition of a home office. If setting up doesn’t hurt your pocket, it’s time to get a spacious desk and some floating shelves.

Two in one: Work and rest

Home offices are, usually a blessing and a curse at the same time. A blessing because they’re small, compact and located close to everything you need around your house. Unfortunately, you’ll be sleeping just a few feet away from that desk you’ve been sitting on all day. This is something you need to consider before setting up your home office, as it will share space with the resting area of the house.

How do I pick the style?

This is strictly related to your specific needs. A flexible job will go better with an adjustable setting. The most important thing to remember is that your style has to work for you, not the other way around. Style should always submit to the budget. Don’t fly too high with your design. Be as realistic and as practical as possible. Remember, you will use that space to work so the objective is to find that perfect balance between stylish and functional.


A specific place to work only

Before setting aside an entire area just for work, ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary in terms of space. If your job requires a great deal of concentration, privacy and dealing with complicated situations round the clock, than a home office is what you need. It will help you work efficiently. Plus, you’ll find your work station an investment that, in the long run, will prove to make your job more effective and productive. For privacy reasons, consider building a divisor wall between your bedroom and the actual home office, in order to not be disturbed.

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