5 Things To Buy Before Moving Into A Dorm

5 Things To Buy Before Moving Into A Dorm


Moving into a dorm is definitely one of the most exciting experiences of our young adult lives. But even after all your things are carefully packed into boxes, the overwhelming question emerges: where do we start? That’s where we come in. Here are 5 of the most essential things you need to purchase before moving into your new dorm.

Mini tool kit

As you may already know, moving into a dorm is about survival, first and foremost. A well-equipped mini tool kit will get you out of more household jams than you can even fathom right now. From the simple nail hammering to hang your art and dorm décor to fixing a light bulb or covering a leak, a mini tool kit is a college student’s best friend. Remember to include screwdriver, wrench and hammer.

Small refrigerator

Every college kid needs their food, drinks and appetizers within hand’s reach. A small refrigerator is highly necessary, especially if you’re going to spend 80 percent of your time studying in your dorm –and the closest Wallgreens is an hour away. Make sure to check the measurements first, though, to avoid any cramming once you’re moved in.


First aid kit

Cough drops, aspirin, Ibuprofen, gas and band aids are some of the basic things your first aids kit should contain in order to be useful when need be. Remember, while Google can answer most of the questions your parents would have taken care of when you were younger, in college you need to learn to fend for yourself and that includes watching out for your health. Find a full list of items a first aid kit should have, here.

Bed sheets and pillow

As basic as the following might sound, some college dorms are straight up health hazards. All the more reason why it’s important you purchase your separate bed sheets and pillow before moving in, to make sure you stay away from any potential bacteria left from previous tenants. Yikes!


This includes personal items that’ll stack up your bathroom -from toothbrush and toothpaste to shampoo, conditioner, hair flatten, curling iron, tweezers, comb, brush, hair dryer, bath and face soap, to mention the basics. Pro tip: if you’re planning on visiting home on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to purchase a portable a personal hygiene kit, this way you’ll have two sets of items: the dorm toiletries and the ones you use when traveling.


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