3 DIY Candles That Will Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

3 DIY Candles That Will Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis


Sometimes your restroom needs that last touch of magic, light and aroma to create the perfect ambiance of relaxation you’ve been looking for. Candles are among the best choices to turn a dull room into an oasis of peace. Check out these 5 different kinds of candles we’ve rounded up for you to try. Candle making also works great as a therapeutic hobby. Let’s get started!

Ingredients you’ll need:

-Candle Wax

-A mold (depending on the kind of candle you can make it or buy it at your closest craft store)

-A wick

-A pot and a coffee can.

-Dye (in case you want your candles to have a color to match your décor)

Simple candles

The safest way to melt the wax is to use a double broiler. If you don’t have one, you can make it by filling a pot 2/3 with water plus a coffee can on top and heat the water until boiling point. Alongside, cut the wax into pieces in order to melt it and then place the pieces inside the can. Before the wax turns transparent, add color to it and then pour the content into a mold. Place a wick in the middle of the candle and finally put it inside the refrigerator for it to cool off.


Stacked candles

For supplies, you’ll need wax, wax paper, pre-tabbed wicks, color, a cookie cutter, a toothpick (which you’ll use to poke a hole in the candle), vegetable oil, a pastry brush, and a cookie sheet to pour the wax onto.

Follow the same process you would if you were to make a simple candle, right until the moment of pouring the wax. In this case, instead of pouring the content into a mold, pour it on a cookie sheet (or wax paper) until it’s about a ¼ inch thick. Before it hardens, use the cutter to make as many candle shapes as you like. Don’t forget to poke a hole in each cutout. Once the content is fully dried, remove with a spatula. Stack as many shapes as you want and let the content cool off in the fridge.


Scented jar candle

Before adding scent to a candle, you need to know what scents are specifically designed for candles, and which burn out the fastest. Once you have the right scent picked out, light your candle and allow a 1 inch-deep pool of wax to develop around the wick. Then burn off the light and pour between 3 and 4 drops of essential oil into the wax. Add more if you’re looking for a strong scent. Afterward, stir the wax and oils in order to let the candle absorb the scent. Then light the candle again.


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